What is the difference between having Overdraft Protection enabled or disabled?

You can choose whether or not we include your available savings balances and available line of credit reserve when debit card purchases or ATM withdrawals are authorized. While most members prefer to have access to all of their available funds, you have the flexibility to make the choice that is right for you. You can review your overdraft protection preferences for your checking account under the “Account Details” link in Web Branch or one of our representatives can assist you. Remember, you may be charged a $5 overdraft transfer fee if you use your debit card or ATM to access funds available in another account or through your line of credit.

We're committed to our members' financial success and understand that overdrafts can happen to even the most careful of people. Unlike most financial institutions, we've designed our overdraft business practices and services to help you stay in control so that a small account oversight doesn't turn into a costly expense. For your protection and peace of mind, we've created a consumer friendly line-up of overdraft protection options. Learn more about overdraft protection options.