Release Notes

New Release - 6/30/2015

Dashboard Enhancements, New Services Page and More

For our first major release since introducing the new Web Branch in October, we have made a number of enhancements and improvements now available on Web Branch. While we continue to fix bugs and make minor changes and updates on a weekly basis, we will package larger enhancements and new functionality into these bigger release updates.

Dashboard Enhancements
We have enhanced the Dashboard to include two new widgets. The Quick Links widget is back from old Web Branch. With this widget, you can add links to pages within Web Branch or to other sites you use along with Web Branch. The widget provides quick access to those pages and sites right from your dashboard. If you had Quick Links on the old Web Branch, those are already in the new widget. Also new to the Dashboard is the Accounts widget. While your favorite accounts are available in the side navigation as you move through Web Branch, the Accounts widget provides balance totals and relevant updates for all your accounts without needing to visit the Account Summary page. With the addition of the two new widgets, we have added the ability to hide widgets. Clicking on the organize button will now allow you to both reorder the widgets as well as hide or show widgets.

Services Menu
We provide a wide range of self-service options to help you manage and maintain your relationship with UW Credit Union. Those services have been available in the More Services menu on the individual accounts pages. At times, it is easier to see them all in one place. The Services menu item in the navigation provides an index of all the self-service options on Web Branch.

We have also made a number of smaller changes and updates:

  • Quick views of check images in history.
  • Separate preferences for your Dashboard layout and Pending Items view on mobile and desktop.
  • Total of payments when paying multiple bills in Web Pay.
  • Ability to select multiple messages in Secure Messaging to delete or mark as read.
  • Improvements to the Alerts page to help discover and manage your alerts.
  • Prompt to add newly opened accounts as favorites on next log in.