Release Notes

New Release - 12/17/2019

New and Improved Credit Reporting

With this release of Web Branch and our app, SavvyMoney has replaced CreditView as the provider of your free credit score. With SavvyMoney, get your free credit score and monitoring alerts. Plus, get access to your full credit report.

View your credit score in the UW Credit Union App and the Web Branch Dashboard

Your Score and More

Get your credit score, education and advice, as well as your full credit report. Plus stay in the know with credit monitoring and alerts.

With SavvyMoney you can:

  • Track daily score updates
  • Understand your score
  • Access your full credit report
  • Get personalized recommendations
  • And much more

It's all free and easy to use.

Sign up in Web Branch to get started. Find SavvyMoney on your dashboard and listed in the Services tab under "Credit Score & Report."


Sign in to UW Credit Union's App or Web Branch and visit SavvyMoney to learn what makes up your credit score.

Understand Your Score

Explore the factors that make up your score. View a rating for each category used to calculate your credit score: payment history, credit usage, total balances, credit age, and recent credit inquiries.

Access Your Full Credit Report

Get access to your full credit report as often as you need. View the report in an easy-to-read format, and get details on any loan or card, including payment history.

Additional Credit Resources

Our improved "Credit Score Services" page in the app and Web Branch offers additional resources to understand your credit.

UW Credit Union is a trusted partner on your financial journey. No matter your score, we have resources to help you achieve your financial goals, including free credit consultations.

Find credit services linked from the Credit Score widget on your dashboard, or find it on the Services tab under "Credit Score & Report."